Jaco Pastorius – Ultimate Minus One. Bass Trax
Jaco Pastorius – Ultimate Minus One. Bass Trax.Jam with Seven Classic Jaco Pastorius Tracks. Cd Includes 7 full tracks and 6 Backing Tracks. Complete Bass Tab Transcription. Full performance Notes. Casa editrice: Carisch.
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Ed Friedland – Bass Method (Book 1)
Ed Friedland – Bass Method (Book 1).Second Edition.The Hal Leonard Bass Method is designed for anyone just learning to play Electric Bass.It is based on years of teaching Bass Students of all ages, and it also reflects some of the best Bass Teaching Ideas from around the world.Casa editrice: Hal Leonard.
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Maurizio Bozzi – Il Basso Elettrico
Maurizio Bozzi – Il Basso Elettrico.Metodo Avanzato per l'Esecuzione del Blues, Jazz, Funky-Rock.
Nuova edizione riveduta e ampliata.Casa editrice: Bèrben.
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Emile De Cosmo – The Woodshedding Source Book (Bass Clef)
Emile De Cosmo – The Woodshedding Source Book (Bass Clef).The Ultimate Practice Method for all Bass Clef Instruments. Cd provides full Rhythm Section, Rhythm Demonstration and Harmonic Background for all 66 Exercises (Modes, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Diminished, Blues, Augmented llth, Arabian and Byzantine Scales, Cycle of 5ths, Diatonic cycle and Tritone Scales - II7-V7 and II7b5-V7b9 Progression.Casa editrice: Hal Leonard.
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Usato: Jerry Snider – Bass Today
Usato: Jerry Snider – Bass Today.A Beginning Electric & Acoustic Bass Method. Lead & Bass Lines, Chords & Arpeggios Solos & Accompaniment (Pop, Rock, Classical, Latin, Country, Folk, Blues).Casa editrice: Alfred.
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Sharon Ray – Bass for Beginners
Sharon Ray – Bass for Beginners.An Easy Beginning Method.A friendly Step-By-Step Approach (includes Tabs, Neck Diagrams and Standard Music Notation).Examples in Rock, Blues, Funk and Jazz Styles. Learn to Slap'n'Pop.Cd Enclosed.Casa editrice: Alfred.
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