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Joan baez – the joan baez songbook
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Joan baez – the joan baez songbook. Sixty-six songs comprising the repertory of america ' s best – loved folksinger, with historical musical annotations. Arrangements for voice and piano by Elie siegmeister , with complete chord progression for the guitarist and capo – key indications enabling the beginning instrumentalist to play along with the joan baez recording. Illustrations in color by eic von schmidt. Introduction by elie segmeister and preface by john .M.conly. Amsco pubblications.
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Karol king thoroughbred
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Karol king thoroughbred. One record inc.
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Louise redknapp – louise.
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Louis redknapp – A special full color photo book featuring dozens of georgeus pictures of the uk's hottest new female singer – Loise. Includes full colour pull – out poster,omnibus press edition
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Garbage – A darker religion
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Garbage – a darker religion by mark freet. Pop culture
12,00 €
Tori Amos – Anthology
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Tori amos – Anthology. Her life in music, a compilation of 25 songs from all facets an extraordinary musical career , amsco pubblications
25,00 €
Sheryl crow – greatest hits so far
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Sheryl crow – gretest hits so far. Guitar tab-vocal.,international music company.
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Shania twain – greatest hits
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Shania twain – greatest hits. Eight hit songs arranged for piano voice. Including complete lyrics e guitars chord boxes , wise pubblications
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No daubt – fragic kingdom
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No doubt – fragic kingdom. Hal leonard edition
29,00 €
Ornella Vanoni – Sheherazade
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Ornella Vanoni – sheherazade. Contiene stella nascente , piccoli brividi e musica musica,edizioni Carish
20,00 €
Spice girl – live spice!
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Spice girl – live spice! Unoffical and unauthorised. Includes a full color pull out poster. The fab five on tour. Omnibus press edition
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